Our Vision of Prayer
    We envision a time when all churches are involved in an effective prayer ministry, autonomously and cooperatively.  We envision a time when all churches are equipped to pray under all circumstances.  We envision a time when all churches are praying for each others needs, coming together in prayer in small groups and large.  Through this vision of prayer we foresee a spiritual awakening that, when Jesus returns, all the people of this association will be in prayer.

Our Vision of Evangelism
    We envision a time when every local church in our association will be committed to and involved in personal and corporate evangelism that is relevant to it's geographical and cultural diversity.
    We envision a time when each local church will endeavor to equip their members to present the gospel to others in their community.
    It is the vision of our association that each church adopt new and relevant ways of presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We envision incorporating associational training sessions, local and regional youth and adult rallies, sports based youth camps, as well as local and regional addiction and recovery ministries.  It is our vision that our local communities will be transformed into Christ-likeness through a profound commitment to evangelism.

Our Vision of Missions
    We envision every church cooperating together to do missions in our area, state, and around the world; every church being equipped to empower their members to be personally involved.  We envision a time when we will cooperate with other mission groups to come here and help us share the gospel of Christ.

Our Vision of Discipleship
    We envision every church actively involved in the participation of continuous Biblical training to help their members reach their communities for Christ.  We dream of every church being excited about a deeper level of commitment to the scriptures so that in every aspect of their lives, Christ is seen.  We strive for each church to make sure that the Word of God is their guide, so that they can know His will.
    We affirm that the Bible is God's Word.  It is God inspired, and all of the Scripture points toward Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Our Vision of Fellowship
    We envision a time when all churches of the association are actively involved in fellowship with each other, to their mutual benefit.  We look forward to a time when many people from across our association will desire to meet together, to worship, to learn from each other, to encourage one another, and to serve together. 
    We see a time when pastors will meet together on a regular basis, be encouraged, grow, and share ideas that will benefit him, his family, and his church.