Article I.  Name, Purpose and Statement of Faith


Section 1: Name.  The name of this organization shall be Lake Ivie Baptist Association, Incorporated.  Herein, the corporation shall be referred to as the Lake Ivie Baptist Association or The Association.

Section 2: Definition.  The Lake Ivie Baptist Association is the duly elected Messengers from the member churches cooperating in the work of their Association meeting in annual session.


Section 3: Purpose.  The purpose of the Lake Ivie Baptist Association is to assist churches in advancing God’s Kingdom through Missions, Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship and Prayer.


Section 4: Statement of Faith.  The member churches in this Association shall use the Bible as their rule of faith and practice and shall be distinctively Baptist in belief and practice.


Article II: Membership


Section 1:  A church wishing to enter into fellowship and cooperation with this Association may have its Messengers seated at any Annual Meeting after the presentation of petitionary letters and the final recommendation of the Doctrinal and Credentials Committee, using the following procedure:


            A. Shall file a letter of intent to the Moderator and Association office.

            B. Shall submit a formal petition to the Doctrinal and Credentials Committee at least ninety (90) days prior to the Annual Meeting.

            C. Shall show good faith, cooperation and fellowship for one year in the Associational programs and giving financial support, as verified by the Doctrinal and Credentials Committee.

D.  A church that has been a mission of a cooperating Associational church and seeks affiliation with this association shall

1. file a formal petition with the Doctrinal and Credentials Committee at least forty-five (45) days prior to the Annual Meeting.  Upon approval and verification, the Doctrinal and Credentials Committee shall recommend this church to the Annual Meeting of the Association for membership consideration.  Upon approval, this church shall immediately be considered a full voting member of the Lake Ivie Baptist Association, and

2.  be encouraged to participate in associational programs and in the financial support.


Section 2:  Each member church shall be entitled to four (4) Messengers to the Annual Meeting and an additional messenger for each fifty (50) resident members, or fraction thereof, after the first fifty (50).  No church shall have more than twelve (12) Messengers seated at the Annual Meeting.


Section 3:  This Association may, if it becomes necessary, refuse to cooperate with any church that is found to be unsound in faith or disorderly in conduct.  Disassociation guidelines are as follows:


            A. Representatives of the Association, chosen by the Doctrinal and Credential Committee, will contact any church that fails to cooperate with the Association and will seek to resolve the matter.  If, in the opinion of the Doctrinal and Credentials Committee resolution cannot be achieved, the Doctrinal and Credentials Committee shall determine which action shall be taken, including, but not limited to, the removal of said church from the Association.

            B. To remove a church from this Association, a majority of the Doctrinal and Credentials Committee members present and voting must vote to provisionally suspend the church’s membership from the Association and recommend its removal from membership at the next Annual Meeting.  This church shall be removed from membership in the Lake Ivie Baptist Association by a minimum of three-fourths affirmative vote of the Messengers present and voting at the Annual Meeting.


Article III: Authority


Section 1:  Authority in Relation to Itself.  This Association is an independent and sovereign body governing its own affairs under the Lordship and leadership of Christ.


Section 2:  Authority in Relation to Churches.  This Association disclaims any authority over the churches.  It does, however, reserve the right to decide for itself the propriety of accepting, rejecting, or continuing fellowship with the various Baptist churches.  (See Article II of this Constitution.)


Section 3:  Authority in Relation to Internal Church Matters.  The Association shall serve only in an advisory capacity treating the churches as independent bodies in all internal matters.  The Association shall in no way interfere with the rights of churches.


Article IV: Leadership


INTRODUCTION: The term of the elected leaders, officers and committee members of this Association shall run from January 1st to December 31st each year.


Section 1:  General Officers.  The officers of the Lake Ivie Baptist Association shall be a Moderator, a Vice-Moderator, a Clerk and a Treasurer.  Each is elected at the Annual Meeting upon recommendation of the Nominating Committee, or by nominations from the floor, and shall serve one-year terms, but the Moderator may not serve more than two consecutive one-year terms.  If the Moderator is unable to fulfill his responsibilities, the Vice-Moderator shall be the Moderator until the next Annual Meeting.


Section 2: Administrative Team. 

A. The Administrative Team shall be made up of the Officers of the Association, the Ministry Team Leaders, no fewer than five (5) at-large members composed of men and women from across the Association and the WMU leader.  At least three (3) members of the Administrative Team must be lay people.

B. Definition: Lay Person.  A “Lay Person” is considered by this Association to be any person, other than the lead pastor of a member church, who is a member in good standing of his/her church.  This person may be an ordained pastor, deacon or any other member authorized by the church to represent them in Association matters and ministries.

C. The Administrative Team shall have responsibility in the areas of budget and  finance, calendaring and personnel.

D. This Team shall nominate the Nominating Committee and present the names    to the Annual Meeting for final approval each year. 

E. This Team shall work closely with the Ministry Director and report to the

Executive Board.

F. The chairman of the Administrative Team shall be the moderator of the



Section 3:  Employees.  The Employees of the Association shall include a Ministry Director and other employees as deemed necessary.  The Ministry Director shall be interviewed by the Administrative Team, which then will recommend that person to the Executive Board for final approval of employment. (See Operations Manual: Article I,D,2)


Section 4:  Ministry Teams. 

A. There will be five standing Ministry Teams in this Association, with provision for the Executive Board to add others as the need arises.  These are the Evangelism Team, Missions Team, Fellowship Team, Discipleship Team and the Prayer Team. 

B. Each church may submit nominees to the Ministry Team Leaders of people whom they believe have a gift and a passion for the work of a specific team. 

C. The number of members on each Team shall be at the discretion of the Team Leader but shall include men and women representing missions across the Association.          

D. Team Leaders shall lead each Ministry Team.  Ministry Team Leaders will be nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected at the Annual Meeting of the Association.  Ministry Team Leaders will be nominated who have a spiritual gift and passion for the work of the respective Ministry Team, and who exhibit leadership abilities.


Section 5:  Standing Committee:  Standing committees of the Lake Ivie Baptist Association shall include, but may not be limited to, the Nomination Committee and Credentials Committee.



Article V: Executive Board


Section 1: Composition.  The Executive Board shall consist of the pastor of each of the cooperating churches and a layperson from each church.  The board shall also include the Trustees of The Association who serve on the Heart of Texas Camp and Conference Center and others deemed necessary by the Executive Board.


Section 2: Officers.  The officers of the Executive Board shall be the same as those of the Association:  The Moderator shall be Chairman, the Vice-Moderator shall be Vice-Chairman, the Clerk of the Association shall be the Executive Board Clerk, and the Treasurer shall make reports as required in the Constitution.


Section 3: Function.  It is the responsibility of the Executive Board to oversee all matters of the Association between Annual Meetings within the framework of the Constitution and the instructions from the Association in Annual Meetings. 


Section 4: Quorum.  Those representatives from the cooperating churches of the Association who are present and voting shall constitute a quorum for the Executive Board.



Article VI: Meetings


Section 1:  The Association shall come together in an Annual Meeting once each year for worship, fellowship and to decide certain business matters. The Executive Board of the Association will approve the time and place of the meeting.  The Moderator in accordance with Article II, Section 2 of this Constitution shall seat the voting Messengers from each member church.


Section 2:  The Executive Board of the Association shall meet as arranged by the Moderator, at least two times per year.


Section 3:  A quorum for an Executive Board meeting shall be those present and voting.


Section 4:  A quorum for the Annual Meeting of the Association shall be those Messengers present and voting.


Section 5:  All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with parliamentary procedure as found in the latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order.


Section 6:  All meetings shall be conducted according to 1 Corinthians 14:40.

 “Let all things be done decently and in order.”




Article VII: Finances


Section 1:  The Administrative Team shall plan and submit a budget each year to the Association Annual Meeting.


Section 2:  All churches participating in this Association are expected to contribute financially to this ministry.  An Association-wide goal is for each church give at least 3% of its undesignated receipts to the Association.


Section 3:  The Lake Ivie Baptist Association shall maintain insurance on its properties and employees as specified in the Operations Manual.


Article VIII:  Dissolution


The Lake Ivie Baptist Association, Inc. pledges its assets for use in carrying out the intended ministry of the Association.  This Association directs that upon discontinuance or dissolution of the Association, the assets of this Association will be transferred to another religious, charitable, or similar organization as determined by the Executive Board of the Lake Ivie Baptist Association.


Article IX: Indemnification


The Corporation shall indemnify any and all persons who may serve or who have served at any time as Trustees or Officers.  The indemnification shall include all expenses, including amounts paid upon judgments, counsel fees and amounts paid in settlement (before or after suit is commenced) actually and necessarily incurred by such persons in connection with the defense or settlement of any claim, action, suit or proceeding in which they, or any of them, are made parties, or a party, or which may be asserted against any of them by reason of being or having been Trustees or Officers of the corporation. Exception is made in relation to matters in which any Trustee or Officer or former Trustee or Officer shall be adjudged in any action, suit or proceeding to be liable for his own negligence or misconduct in the performance of his duties.  Such indemnification shall be in addition to any other rights to which those indemnified may be entitled under any law, bylaw, and agreement or otherwise.


Article X: Amendments


Section 1:  This Constitution may be amended at the Annual Meeting of the Association after having been read or discussed at one previous Executive Board meeting at least (60) days prior to the Annual Meeting, and having been published in the newsletter, e-mail, or regular mail to each church in the Association at least (30) days before the Annual Meeting.  A two-thirds majority vote of the Messengers present and voting at the Annual Meeting is required to amend the Constitution.


Section 2:  If an amendment is submitted from the floor, Messengers shall vote whether it shall be considered at the next Annual Meeting.  If the majority vote is affirmative, the proposed amendment shall be required to follow the guidelines set forth in Article X, Section 1 of this Constitut


                                                            OPERATIONS MANUAL






Section 1:  Ministry Director

A. Relations:

    1. The Ministry Director shall be responsible to the Administrative Team.

    2. The Ministry Director shall work cooperatively with national, state, associational

        and other entities.


B. Responsibilities to the Association:

    1. The Ministry Director shall work and counsel with the Administrative Team in the

        recommending, planning, budgeting and implementation of all areas of Associational                                    

        ministry, which may include but not be limited to discipleship, evangelism, fellowship,                              

        missions and prayer.

   2. The Ministry Director shall work closely with the Ministry Teams in order to assist

        in the development, implementation and possible support (financial and otherwise)

        of ministry objectives through the agencies of the B. G. C. T.  and other entities.

   3. He shall work with the moderator and ministry teams in screening and evaluating

       requests for various forms of financial assistance through state programs.

   4. He shall lead in the discovery and early acquisition of future sites according to

       population growth and promote the timely establishment of missions and churches.

       He shall do this primarily through the mission and evangelism teams.

   5. He shall promote and publicize the Association’s activities through every available

        channel of communications including multimedia, videos, e-mail, Power Point, etc.

        He shall edit and publish a monthly newsletter to the churches of the Association

        and denominational leaders. 

   6. He shall seek to maintain the Association’s lending library.

   7.  He shall assist in all ways possible through work among cultural groups within the                   


   8.  He may explore the possibility of expanding or changing the ministry of the

        Association as needed.

   9.  The Ministry Director shall oversee the maintenance of all facilities owned or

         leased by the Association.  This shall be done within budget restraints and under

  the authority of the administrative team.


C. Responsibilities to the Churches:

   1.  The Ministry Director will counsel churches and pastors upon invitation or when

         necessary during times of stress and with pastorless churches as needed.

   2.   He shall serve as the denominational public relations officer with the general public.

   3.   As time will permit he will attend the conventions, conferences, camps, briefings,

  trustee meetings, etc.  that he feels will help with his work the most.

   4.   The Ministry Director shall serve as trustee of the Heart of Texas Baptist Encampment.

   5.   He shall serve as the denominational coordinator and promoter for home, state and

         international missions, and other related Baptist emphases.

   6.   It shall be a goal of the Ministry Director to meet with the pastors of each church in

        the Association at least once per year.

   7.   The Ministry Director shall attend services, and or preach, at as many churches

         in this Association as he deems advisable each year in order to get to know and

         minister to these churches and their members.


D. Agreements:

   1.    His title shall be Ministry Director of the Lake Ivie Baptist Association.

   2.    The Ministry Director shall be employed by the Executive Board of the Lake Ivie Baptist

          Association upon recommendation of the Administrative Team. For the sake of efficiency,

          the Administrative Team may appoint a search committee from among their members.  

          The term of the Ministry Director shall be for an indefinite time.

   3.    His salary and benefits shall be recommended by the Administrative Team and will

          be subject to the approval of the Executive Board.

   4.    He shall feel free to call the Administrative Team together anytime he feels the work

          would be helped by doing so.

   5.    The Ministry Director will have the privilege of supplying up to three (3) Sundays

          annually outside the Association, and as often as his schedule will permit inside the

          Association. He will be allowed to retain any honorariums received.

   6.    He shall be permitted to conduct up to two (2) weeks of revival meetings outside the

          Association annually, and as many as he deems advisable inside the Association.                                                                                     

          He will be allowed to retain any honorariums received.

   7.    The Ministry Director will not serve as pastor or interim pastor of a mission or church.

          He shall maintain a list of supply pastors and interims to assist the churches.

   8.    He shall make regular reports to the Administrative Team, Executive Board, and Annual

          Meeting of the Association.

   9.    The securing and supervision, or discharging of the secretarial and custodial help will be

          the responsibility of the Ministry Director after conferring with the Administrative Team.

  10.  Workers comp insurance shall be maintained on all employees by the Lake Ivie Baptist



E. Personal Privileges:

   1.     The Ministry Director shall be allowed up to two (2) days off per week plus holidays

           (New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day,

           Thanksgiving Day and the day after, and Christmas Day). 

   2.     The Ministry Director’s business expenses will be reimbursed by the Association within

            budget restraints.  An accounting of such expenses shall be made to the treasurer.

            Expenses borne by other agencies shall not be reimbursed by the Association.                                         

   3.    When the Ministry Director’s wife attends meetings with him, her expenses will be

           paid by the Association as long as they do not exceed the budget.

   4.     The Ministry Director’s position will be considered a full-time ministry position.

   5.     He shall be an ex-officio member of all teams and committees with the power to

           make recommendations and enter into discussion of all matters concerning the

           Association, but without the power to vote.

   6.     When a new Ministry Director is employed, the Association will pay reasonable

   moving expenses and he shall have vacation time as negotiated with the Administrative                                   

   Team depending on experience and years of service in the ministry.

   7.    Vacations will be determined by years of ministry service with the maximum allowed of

           four weeks, and granted with full pay.

   8.    He shall accept other responsibilities as recommended by the Administrative Team

          and approved by the Executive Board.

   9.    Normal retirement of the Ministry Director shall be his 70th birthday.  Annual extensions

          may be made when mandated by federal law or when recommended by the

          Administrative Team and approved by the Executive Board.


F. Termination:

   1.    The Ministry Director is requested to give at least two (2) weeks’ notice prior to

           leaving employment.

   2.    The Executive Board, upon recommendation of the Administrative Team, will give either a

           minimum of two (2) weeks’ pay or two (2) weeks’ notice prior to termination.

   3.     In the event of gross negligence or overt moral failure by the employee, there

           will be immediate termination with no extra compensation.


Section 2: Ministry Assistant

A.  Hiring and Accountability:

     1.   The Ministry Director shall recruit the Association’s Ministry Assistant as needed.

     2.   The Association’s Ministry Assistant shall work under the supervision of and be

             responsible to the Ministry Director.  In the event the Ministry Director’s

             office is vacant she shall be responsible to the Administrative Team.


B.   Office Responsibilities:

      1.   Maintain the Association’s office, which shall include the preparation of newsletters,

             correspondence, maintenance of records, filing, annual Association letters, preparation

             of visual aids, and other duties necessary in maintaining the office.

      2.   The Ministry Assistant shall assist in the communication and promotion of the

             Association’s activities.  This will involve the proficient use of office machines and          

             computer programs.  The office secretary may be asked to assist in the communication      

             to churches and individuals, and the promotion of events via e-mail, videos, and other   



C.  Compensation:

       1.   Hourly pay will be given as determined by the Administrative Team.

       2.   The Association will pay the employer’s portion of the Social Security taxes.


D.  Benefits:

      1.   Two weeks of vacation are granted for one year of continuous employment; however,

             after six (6) months of continuous employment, one (1) week of vacation may be taken.

      2.   One (1) day of paid sick leave at hourly pay is accumulated for each month of

            continuous employment, with a maximum of ten (10) days that may be carried forward   

            to the new year, which begins on January 1st

      3.   Unusual circumstances may be handled by the Ministry Director, after having conferred

            with the Administrative Team.

      4.   Worker’s comp insurance shall be maintained on all employees by the Association.


E.  Termination:

      1.    The employee is requested to give at least two (2) weeks’ notice prior to leaving


      2.     The Ministry Director or the Administrative Team will give either a minimum of two (2)

               weeks’ pay or two (2) weeks’ notice prior to termination.

      3.     In the event of gross negligence or overt moral failure by the employee, there

              will be immediate termination with no extra compensation.








Section 1: General Information:

The five standing Ministry Teams are the Evangelism Team, Missions Team, Fellowship

Team, Discipleship Team and the Prayer Team.  Each Team will have a team leader who

will be nominated by the nominating committee and voted on at the annual meeting.

The team leader will fill the team with members from the churches of the Association

that have a passion and a gift for the particular ministry. There will not be a limit to the

number of members on each team.  The team leader will also mentor and disciple future

leaders in each team.  Other ministry teams may be added by the Executive Board or

annual meeting as needed for short or long term work.  There will be many times when projects cross over into other team’s areas.  Each team should work with the other teams in the promotion and the planning of these events.

A. Discipleship Team:  This team shall plan, organize and promote discipleship training

   across the Association:

    1.  They will plan one annual Associational wide topical seminar that is relevant to the various

         issues that face believers today.

    2.  They shall organize at least one major training seminar each year.  Examples include,

         Pre-School Ministry, Youth Ministry, Sunday School Teachers

         Training,  Deacon training, etc.

    3.  This team must continuously plan for subsequent years so that this ministry will

         flourish and spiritually nurture the various church members of our Association

         well into the future.


B. Fellowship Team:  This team shall plan, organize and promote fellowship throughout

   the Association:

     1.   They shall plan fellowships regionally and Association wide that bring the Association

         church members together.

      2.   Examples include; regional music festivals and senior adult rallies, men’s Olympics,  

            women’s retreats, Association wide fellowship’s with a meal and music.                 

      3.   This team must continuously plan for subsequent years so this ministry will continue

            to flourish.


C. Prayer Team:  This team shall plan, organize, and promote prayer throughout the


     1.  The Prayer Team shall cooperate with other teams and the churches of the Association to

          pray for activities throughout the year.

     2.  This team shall plan and conduct prayer seminars and prayer walks around the


     3.  The prayer team shall set and promote an Associational Day of Prayer as well as

          promote the various prayer dates.  Some examples include: National Day of Prayer,

          and Weeks of Prayer for missions.

     4.  This team will recruit a prayer coordinator in each church of the Association who will

           help inform the prayer team of specific events in the churches, and will work to involve

           their church in prayer for other Associational prayer needs.  Examples include: revivals,    

           vacation Bible schools, retreats, camps, etc.

     5.   This team will continuously plan for subsequent years so that this ministry will flourish

           and spiritually nurture the various churches and ministries of our Association.


D. Missions Team:  This team shall plan, organize, and promote missions across the


     1.  The missions team will plan mission opportunities locally, in our state, nationally

           and internationally each year.

     2.  This team will recruit people from all over the Association to participate in the

           missions opportunities.

     3.  The team will continuously plan for subsequent years so that this ministry will

           flourish and spiritually nurture the various church members of our Association.


E.  Evangelism Team: This team will plan, organize, and promote evangelism across the    


     1.  This team shall plan various evangelism programs throughout the Association.

          Examples include:  personal witnessing seminars, evangelistic crusades, evangelism      

          sport camps, addiction recovery ministries and volunteer Vacation Bible School programs,                          


     2.  The evangelism team will continuously plan for the subsequent years so that this

          ministry will flourish and spiritually nurture the various members and churches of

          our Association.




Section 1: Members of the Team:

A.   The members of the Administrative Team will be made up of the:

      1.  Officers – Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Clerk and Treasurer

      2.  Ministry Team Leaders – Missions Team, Evangelism Team, Fellowship Team,

            Discipleship Team and Prayer Team.

      3.  WMU Leader

      4.  At Large Members – No fewer than five people chosen from across the Association.

B.   At least three members of the Administrative Team must be lay people.

C.   The moderator of the Association may appoint successors to the Administrative

      Team to fill vacancies until the term is up.

D.   The Ministry Director shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Administrative

      Team.  He will not have voting privileges.


Section 2: Meetings of the Administrative Team:

A.   A quorum for meetings of the Administrative Team will be eight people.

B.   Regular meetings of the Administrative Team will be held quarterly, as

       arranged by the Moderator or Ministry Director.

C.   The Moderator of Ministry Director may call additional meetings as needed.

D.   The Moderator of the Association is the chairman of the Administrative Team.


Section 3: Responsibilities of the Administrative Team:

A.  Budget and Finance:

      1.  The Administrative Team shall submit a recommended budget to the Annual

            Meeting of the Association each year for approval.

      2.  Each ministry team and other entities of the Association may submit budgetary

            requests to the Administrative Team in a timely manner for consideration for

            inclusion in the annual budget.  Emergency requests for funding may also be

            made by the ministry teams and other Associational entities when necessary.

      3.  The Administrative Team shall monitor the budget and finances of the

            Association throughout the year.

      4.  The budget of this Association shall run from January 1st to December 31st each year.


B.   Calendaring of Events: 

      1.  The Administrative Team shall submit a recommended calendar of events for the

            coming year to the Annual Meeting of the Association.

      2.  The Administrative Team is authorized to make any changes or additions necessary

            to the calendar of the Association.

C.   Personnel Matters:

      1.  The  Administrative Team is authorized to handle any personnel matters concerning

            the employees of the Association.

      2.  This team shall search, interview and recommend to the Executive Board of the

            Association a person to fill the Ministry Director position when vacant.

      3.  The Administrative Team shall recommend any salary or benefit adjustments

            concerning the employees.

D.  Nominating Committee:

       1.  The Administrative Team shall nominate at least five people to serve on the Nominating

             Committee of the Association for the coming year.

        2.  The Administrative Team’s nominations shall be presented at the Annual Meeting of

             the Association for approval.

E.  Oversight and Vision:

     1.   The Administrative Team shall work closely with the Ministry Director, to achieve

            the priorities, goals and visions of the Association.

     2.   The Administrative Team shall work with the Ministry Director to monitor the

            progress of the Association in meeting its priorities, goals and achieving its vision.

     3.   The Administrative Team shall periodically adjust and keep a fresh

            vision and plan for the future work of the Association. They shall do this in close

            cooperation with the Ministry Director.

     4.   The Administrative Team in cooperation with the Ministry Director shall consider

            annually any changes or additions that need to be made to the Operations Manual.     

            These changes will then be made according to the procedure laid out in Article VII of this





Section 1:   Nominating Committee:

A.  The Nominating Committee shall nominate men and women from various

      geographic areas of the Association to serve in leadership positions.

B.  The Nominating Committee will choose people for leadership positions who have

      a gift and passion for the work assigned to that position, as well as an ability to

      lead others.

C.  All nominations from the Nominating Committee shall be presented at the Annual Meeting

      of the Association for approval.


Section 2:  Doctrinal and Credentials Committee:

  1. One of the jobs of this committee is to review and consider petitions of

        churches for membership in the Association.

 B.  This committee shall also investigate concerns and complaints about

       member churches in the areas of doctrinal beliefs, teachings and actions, which

       may not be Baptist or Biblical.

 C.  The Doctrinal and Credentials Committee shall try to rectify any problems

       with the leaders of the church involved.

 D.  This shall be done prayerfully and Biblically.

 E.   When reconciliation cannot be achieved and the Doctrinal and Credentials

       Committee is in agreement that a church must be removed from the fellowship

       of the Association, the committee may proceed according to the guidelines of       

       “Article II: Membership” of the Constitution.

  F.  The Doctrinal and Credentials Committee shall be made up of at least five people,

        properly nominated and elected by the Association.

 G.   People asked to serve on this committee should be spiritually mature, doctrinally

        knowledgeable, soundly Baptist in belief and without extreme political agendas.




A.   The Lake Ivie Baptist Association may own property, for example an office, and

      maintain full or part ownership in other Christian ministry organizations such as camps.

B.  The ownership of these properties must help fulfill the priorities, purpose, and

      ministry goals of the Lake Ivie Baptist Association.

C.  Property and liability insurance shall be maintained on all properties.

D.  Maintenance of Association owned or leased buildings shall fall under the responsibility

      of the Ministry Director, within budget restraints, and under the authority of the

      Administrative Team.

E.  Properties of the Association shall be kept in good repair at all times.




A.  The Trustees shall consist of a minimum of three persons to be nominated by the nominating    

      committee and voted on at the annual meeting.

B.  They will be elected for a three year term with one person’s term expiring at the end of each       

      year; however, they may be re-elected.

C.  They will act upon the instructions given by the administrative team, with approval

      of the Executive Board of the Association.

D.  They will represent the Association in all matters pertaining to any property owned

      by the Association.

E.  They shall sign all deeds of conveyance, execute all notes, bonds, or mortgages,

      intervene in all suits, by the authority of the Association.

F.  Two signatures will be required for all legal documents. 

G.  They shall represent the Association in legal matters.


                                       Article VII: BUSINESS AND FINANCAL PLAN


Section 1: Contribution Policy:

The following policy statements are subscribed by the Lake Ivie Baptist Association in order to insure that all laws and tax regulations governing contributions are observed.  These policy statements help safeguard the Association’s tax-exempt status as a nonprofit Corporation in the State of Texas.

A. Introduction:

The Lake Ivie Baptist Association (Association) is affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas (Federal ID #75-6044885), and as such is subject to Group Ruling #1703 providing exemption from Federal Income Taxes under IRC Sec. 501 (c)(3).  Cash contributions to the Association are deductible by donors under the current provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.

B. Undesignated Gifts:

Undesignated gifts are those gifts given without stipulation by the donor.  These gifts comprise the majority of the Association’s total receipts.  They are relied upon to fund the budget ministries and programs of the Association.

C. Personal Services Donated:

The value of personal services donated is not deductible as a charitable contribution.  The Association relies heavily on volunteers to fulfill its ministry.  However, donations of this type will not be reflected on an individual’s receipt of contribution.  Unreimbursed out-of-pocket expenses incurred on behalf of services donated are deductible on the individual’s tax return.  Travel and transportation expenses are deductible on the individual’s tax return to the extent that no personal pleasure or recreation was received.  These expenses will not be reflected on an individual’s receipt of contribution.

D. Receipt of Benefit by Donor:

Any benefit or premium received by a donor in exchange for a contribution reduces the amount of the deduction of the contribution.  In the event of such a contribution where a benefit was received, the Association will inform the donor of the estimated value of the goods or services received by the donor.  If the amount of the contribution exceeds the value of the benefit received, the donor may deduct the amount over the value of the benefit as a charitable contribution.

E. Gifts-in-Kind:

The Association will accept most types of non-cash gifts (gifts-in-kind), provided the gift is determined to be related to the purpose of the Association and in the Association’s best interest.  All gifts-in-kind will be reviewed and approved by the Association using the following procedure:


  1. Individuals who choose to offer gifts-in-kind to the Association are to submit the offer first to the Ministry Director who, if the gift is deemed to be worth $500 or more, will consult with the Trustees for evaluation.  After examining the gift-in-kind, the Ministry Director is to recommend, with explanation, one of three actions to the Association or the Administrative Team at a regular business meeting:


                        a)         Receive the gift-in-kind as offered,

b)        Request that the donor sell the gift-in-kind and donate the   

                     cash proceeds, or

                        c)         Refuse the gift-in-kind.


  1. The Ministry Director will communicate to the prospective donor the final action of the Association giving any necessary explanations and expressing gratitude for the offer.


  1. The Association will acknowledge by letter the receipt of any gift accepted.  The letter will provide a brief description of the item donated.


  1. The Association is not responsible for appraisals and will not determine the fair value of donated property.  The estimated fair value of the gift will not be reflected on the letter or the donor’s record of contribution.  It is the donor’s responsibility to determine the fair market value of the gift.


F.  Donation of the Use of Property:

Use of property cannot be claimed as a charitable contribution.  The Association may determine to accept the use of property in such cases where the donor understands no deduction from the contribution is allowed.


G. Designated Gifts:

The Association will accept designated cash gifts if they are specified for an approved project, ministry or program administered by the Association.  Gifts to ministries or programs that are not approved or administered by the Association will be held until a decision is made as to whether the Association can provide the ministry and administer the funds.  If the ministry or need cannot be handled, the gift will be returned to the donor.


H. Gifts To Individuals:

Gifts designated to individuals or groups of individuals do not qualify as charitable contributions.  Such gifts donated to the Association will not be reflected on the donor’s receipt of contributions.  One exception will be gifts designated to a special benevolence fund administered by the Association’s Administrative Team.  These gifts will be acknowledged on the donor’s record of contribution.


I.   Substantiation of Contribution:

The Association will provide, at least annually to donors, a record of cash contributions received in accordance with rules and regulations required by the IRS.  Non-cash gifts will be acknowledged by letter as described in paragraph 5 above in compliance with IRS rules and regulations.


J.  Year of contribution:

All contributions must be received by December 31 to be included on the donor’s receipt of contribution.  If mailed, the gift must reflect a postmark no later than December 31.


K.   Conclusion:

The Association respects the donor’s decision to give as led by the Lord.  The above policies are meant to provide guidance to the donor and the Association body as well as comply with tax laws.  The Association reserves the right to refuse contributions that are not related to the primary purpose of the Association, not in the best interest of the Association, or those not qualified for tax purposes



Section 2: Check Request:

The Treasurer and Ministry Assistant are not to release checks that do not have appropriate authorization.  Individuals whose leadership responsibilities include authorizing payment for goods and services related to their area of leadership are to submit, in writing, a request for payment.  Forms are available in the Association office.  Receipts are to be submitted to the Association office as soon as possible after the purchase is completed.  If the item or service has been prepaid out of personal funds, receipts must accompany the check request.


Section 3: Petty Cash:

The Ministry Assistant will have access to not more than $50 of petty cash for use by individuals who have necessary small expenditures on short notice.  Any petty cash disbursements made will be charged back to the budget item whose authorized leader made the request.  Receipts are required for any purchase made from petty cash.


Section 4: Bids:

In the event a major expenditure is required, for matters such as replacement of furnace, air conditioner, etc., and the total required exceeds $10,000, three competitive bids must be presented to the Association Administrative Team in regular business meeting.  Emergency repairs, such as damage to a roof with chances of further building interior damage, may be made but only to the extent of protecting undamaged property.  Complete repairs that total in excess of $10,000 are subject to the bid requirement policy.


Section 5: Two-Signature Checks:

Checks of $1000 or more must be signed by two individuals authorized to sign checks and whose signatures are on file with the receiving bank.


Section 6: Card Holders:

Any individual authorized to hold an Association credit card must be reauthorized annually in order to remain in possession of the card.  Use of the card in ways not in keeping with Association policy governing cash and checks will result in the individual being required to surrender the card and stand responsible for the purchase/purchases not authorized.


Section 7: Procedure for Transferring Money Between Designated Funds


  1. Contributions to the Lake Ivie Baptist Association that are designated to a specific program or purchase will be used for that purpose.  If for some reason these funds cannot be used for the designated purpose, the offer will be made to the original donor (when known) to return the funds.  If permission is received from original donor to use the designated contribution, or if the original donor cannot be determined, the Administrative Team may decide to use the gifts in any other manner that is in keeping with purposes of the ministry of the Lake Ivie Baptist Association.


  1. Donors may request a designation transfer by stating in writing the

following :

                                1.         Date of the gift.

                        2.         Amount of the gift.

                        3.         Designation of the gift.

  1.       Specific transfer to designation desired.


  1. The Association Treasurer or Ministry Assistant must search the contribution records and verify donor-supplied information.  No transfer of dollar amounts beyond the Association records will be made.


  1. The Association Treasurer must present the donor-requested transfer, including existing designation, dollar amounts and new designation to the Administrative Team for approval in a regular business meeting.


  1. The Association, in annual business meeting, shall determine the appropriateness of the new designation and vote accordingly.  The vote of the Association is final.


Section 8: Maximum Amount for Checks Without Association approval:

Any check to be written in excess of $10,000 must have Administrative Team approval regardless of the purpose for the payment and regardless of prior Association approval for the project requiring the payment.


Section 9: Equipment Purchase:

Equipment purchased with Association funds in excess of $100 must be reported to the Trustees for their records.

Section 10: Remuneration in excess of $600

Remuneration in excess of $600 per year (or current limit allowed by Federal law) made to guest speakers, presenters or groups requires the presentation of IRS form W-9 prior to writing the check.  If form W-9 is not presented, the Financial Secretary is required to withhold 31% of the total due and submit it as withheld taxes to the IRS.  Because of this requirement, the Financial Secretary will create such checks on the Monday following the day/s when the guest presentation/s were made.  Individuals may pick up checks at the Association Office or checks will be mailed.

Section 11: Tax Form 1099

A tax form 1099 is to be created and sent to the appropriate Federal agencies for all payments for services for individuals and for non-incorporated businesses if the amount is in excess of $600 per year (or the current limit allowed by Federal law). 


Section 12: Special Ministries fund

The Administrative Team administers the Special Ministries Fund that is a line item in the Designated Funds section of the Association Budget.  This fund is to be used to pay guest speakers, evangelists, presenters and performance groups and replaces the “love offering” basis for paying such individuals.  “Special Ministries” offerings can be taken during the guest presentation service and at other such times as the balance of the fund may require.  Gifts to the Special Ministries Fund are tax-deductible if they are made by check.  The Administrative Team is responsible for creating a payment schedule for Association approval.  The payment schedule is to be based on a scale like that used for remuneration for “pulpit supply” in a Church.


Section 13: Over-Expended Budget Line Items

Budget line items may not be over-expended without the approval of the Administrative Team.  Such approval constitutes a budget adjustment.  Emergency expenditures beyond budgeted amounts may be made with the polled approval of the Administrative Team.  Any such action is to be reported to the Association or the Executive Board in the next regular business session for a vote to adjust the budget.





                            Article VIII: Accountable Reimbursement Plan

The Executive Board of the Lake Ivie Baptist Association, Inc. (the Association) duly adopted the following resolution at a regularly scheduled meeting held on August 13, 2013, a quorum being present:


Whereas, income tax regulations 1.162-17 and 1.274-5T(f) provide that an employee “need not report on his tax return” expenses paid or incurred by him solely for the benefit of his employer for which he is required to account and does account to his employer and which are charged directly or indirectly to the employer; and

Whereas, income tax regulation 1.274-5T(f) further provides that “an adequate accounting” means the submission to the employer of an account book, diary, statement of expense, or similar record maintained by the employee in which the information as to each element of expenditure (amount, date and place, business purpose, and business relationship) is recorded at or near the time of the expenditure, together with supporting documentary evidence, in a manner which conforms to all the “adequate records requirements” set forth in the regulation; and

Whereas, the Association desires to establish a reimbursement policy pursuant to the regulations mentioned above; be it therefore

Resolved, that the Association hereby adopts a reimbursement policy pursuant to income tax regulations 1.162.17 and 1.274-5T(f), upon the following terms and conditions:

  1. A.   Adequate accounting for reimbursed expenses.  Any employee now or hereafter employed by the Association shall be reimbursed for any ordinary and necessary business and professional expense incurred on behalf of the Association, if the following conditions are satisfied: (1) the expenses are reasonable in amount; (2) the employee documents the amount, date, place, business purpose (and in the case of entertainment expenses, the business relationship of the person or persons entertained) of each such expense with the same kind of documentary evidence as would be required to support a deduction of the expense on the employee’s federal tax return; and (3) the employee documents such expenses by providing the Association treasurer with an accounting of such expenses no less frequently than monthly (in no event will an expense be reimbursed if substantiated more than 60 days after the expense is paid or incurred by a employee).


  1. B.   Cellular phones and personal computers.  The Association will not reimburse cellular phone or personal computer expenses of a employee who is treated as an employee for federal income tax reporting purposes unless the employee’s use of a cellular phone and personal computer meets the following two tests:


1)    Convenience of the employer.  Use of the cellular phone or computer is “for the convenience of the employer”.  This means that the employee cannot perform his job without the cellular phone.  The fact that the phone enables him to perform his work more easily and efficiently is not enough.  Further, it must be demonstrated that the phones available at the Association are insufficient to enable the employee to properly perform his job.

2)    Condition of employment.  Use of the cellular phone or computer must be required as a “condition of employment”.  It is not necessary that the Association specifically require use of cellular phones.  On the other hand, it is not enough that the Association merely states that use of the cellular phone is a condition of employment.


  1. C.   Reimbursements not funded out of salary reductions.  Reimbursements shall be paid out of Association funds, and not by decreasing paychecks by the amount of business expense reimbursements.


  1. D.   Reimbursable business expenses.  Reimbursable business and professional expenses include local transportation, overnight travel (including lodging and meals), entertainment, books and subscriptions, education, investments, and professional dues.


  1. E.    Tax reporting.  The Association shall not include in a employee’s W-2 form the amount of any business or professional expense properly substantiated and reimbursed according to this policy, and the employee should not report the amount of any such reimbursement as income on Form 1040.


  1. F.    Excess reimbursements.  Any Association reimbursement that exceeds the amount of business or professional expenses properly accounted for by a employee pursuant to this policy must be returned to the Association within 120 days after the associated expenses are paid or incurred by the employee, and shall not be retained by the employee.


  1. G.   Expenses not fully reimbursed.  If, for any reason, the Association’s reimbursements are less than the amount of business and professional expenses properly substantiated by a employee, the Association will report no part of the reimbursements on the employee’s W-2, and the employee may deduct the unreimbursed expenses as allowed by law.


  1. H.   Inadequate substantiation.  Under no circumstances will the Association reimburse an employee for business or professional expenses incurred on behalf of the Association that are not properly substantiated according to this policy.  Association and staff understand that this requirement is necessary to prevent our reimbursement plan from being classified as a non-accountable plan.


  1. I.      Retention of records.  The Association shall retain all receipts and other documentary evidence used by an employee to substantiate the business nature and amount of his business and professional expenses reimbursed under this policy.





The Operations Manual of the Lake Ivie Baptist Association intends to detail the policies and procedures used throughout the Association.  The policies and procedures contained in this manual may be amended by majority vote of the Executive Board.  No change or revision shall in any way, explicitly, or inferentially, contradict or abridge the Constitution of the Lake Ivie Baptist Association, Inc.